Do Amazing Experience to customer by your self.

Just in three steps, you'll be able to complete your own E-book App

Booditor supports various kinds of file formats

Booditor supports various kinds of file formats, for example: PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, PDF or MP3, enabling you to import various kinds of files into your projects. You no longer have to give up your hardworking results any more, instead, by putting them as you think they are fit and complete files into BOODITOR, you can quickly make compilation of an interactive e-book as solely created by yourself. At the same time, BOODITOR will also enable you to quickly publish them into interactive Apps!! There is no need to worry about the comparability among files.

Booditor's special effect master

Are you tired of monotonous reading patterns? Are you envious with the applications from multitude of transition special effects that are both cool and fun? Now, inside of BOODITOR, there are many of colorful special effects built internally, and you don't have to use other plug-ins at all. According to your own preferences and requirements, you can add interactive effects as many as you would like to, allowing you to easily make colorful, beautiful and animated digital publications, to enhance interactions and amusements on reading, while enabling the readers to immerse themselves more easily into the settings of the books.

Booditor shelf management

Making and having a lot of e-book is not a difficult thing, but it drives you to nuts with updating messages and keeping well-organized on the books you made, you think if there is any other way than to have someone else to do it for you, not the management model made by platform companies with multiple of persons? Yes, Booditor gives you simple and easily understood uploading mechanism, as well as to build for you one and only personal shelf solely of your own on our server, and just yourself alone, you can easily complete on-shelf, off-shelf, and data updating!!! Let you work at ease, to make hassle-free management, and with saving on labors, to make the most of the benefits as you are expected.

Your own App for on-shelf

Are you afraid of your digital publications being buried in the seas of books? Let the users not able to find them at all?
In fact, you don't have to worry about this, and our company will quickly allow the LOGO of your company to be with exposure on App Store, helping to enlarge your base of contacts with your clients, and at the same time to publish marketing messages as soon as we get our hands on them, furthermore, to attract more clients with wider ranges. Of which, they are no longer as plans so hard for you to reach them at all!!!