Take a look on the powerful functions of Booditor!

  • Text

    It offers powerful text special effects, to enable you to set up character sizes and fonts, colors as well as bold types, allowing you to easily make editing.

  • You can easily make connections to any websites as you like, or directly make switch to your designated web page for browsing.

  • Image

    You can insert picture in various kinds of file formats, and to add transition special effects for animation on reading.

  • Audio

    It support music files (Mp3. or Wav.), allowing the users to feel about the ambiance on reading.

  • Video

    It can import films with Mp4 format for experiencing the interactions between characters and films, in order to attract the attentions from the audiences.

  • It can increase the interactions among the users, pictures and characters, and at the same time, to make on-time revelations and concealments of data for achieving the effects of instant interactions.

  • Hint

    It can add prompt content on the pictures for more connotations on data.

  • Scroll View

    It can make examination of multiple pictures at one time, and run them in alternation, while supporting various of dazzling and wonderful special effects. It allows the users to feel the abundance on data.

  • Turn

    It can create animated special effects, in order to make the contents of books with more varieties and amusements.

  • Mask

    It can block out prompt messages, and if the users would like to see them, they can do so by double clicking the pictures.

  • A2B

    It can supports the importing of multiple pictures, and by corresponding effects of the pictures, when double clicking the small picture, the big picture will display. It supports miscellaneous dazzling and wonderful special effects.

  • MCQ

    MCQ can be used as questioning and answering hints during teaching, giving hints to the users for them to make choice amongst them.